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Scientific Anglers/3.
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Video (VHS)

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Patrick, John
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VHS Video Cassette tape] Bob Mann's Automatic Golf: The Swing You Don't Have to Think About, Let's Get Started [Golfing, Eliminate Slice, Home Practice, Overcome Jitters, for beginning to Intermediate Players, Swing Improvement Techniques, Methods]
Mann, Bob; Bob Mann's Sports, Publications International
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VHS Video Cassette tape] Bob Mann's Unauthorized History of Automatic Golf [Golfing Humor, Satire, for Players, Swing Improvement Techniques, Methods]
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VHS Video] Maximizing Your Success: A Video Companion to Investor's Business Daily: For the People Who Choose to Succeed
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VHS Video Tape)
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Video (VHS)

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Professor Claude Olney
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Scott Dittrich, Editor and Producer
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