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551 & 571 CULTIVATORS (NARROW ROW) instructions and parts

Silhouette Special Edition Mass Market PB.

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55 1st Series Truck color sales brochure

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55-2001 Abarth Supreme Portfolio, compiled by Unique, 128 pages; also covers Fiat Abarth, Zagato, Carrera, Abarth Porsche, 750, Carlo Abarth, Simca 2000

55-2002 Thunderbird Chronicle 144 pgs about the Classic Ford including all 11 design generations up to the new design in 2002. Large 12'x12' with 400 photos

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86.12.4 SOTHEBY'S
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Adolf Hitler

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Adolf Hitler

Loveswept Bantam Books mass market PB.

Silhouette Special Edition mass market PB.

55 2nd Series Truck color sales brochure by Chevy

553, 554, 554P, 563, 564, 573, 574, 574P, 583, 584, 593,594, 594B, 594

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Wohlfahrt, Franz
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5540 & 5760 MOLDBOARD PLOWS SEMI-MOUNTED instructions. Very good 6.00

5540 AND 5760 PLOWS parts. Very good @ 6.00

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Linh Dinh

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55-56 Shop Manual by Royal Enfield, - G Deluxe & 350 cc, Clipper 1955-56. 55 pages

55-56 Twin Ultramatic Transmission 80pgs. by Packard

55-57 300Sc Part Manual by Mercedes full size complete with part numbers and illustrations for 300 Sc

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55-57 Chevy portfolio of articles, 100 pgs. compiled by Brooklands

55-57 Jaguar Portfolio of articles, compiled by Brooklands 66 pgs. OUT OF PRINT

55-57 S100 S110 S120 S130 S180 owners manual by International for pickup & Travelall

55-57 Thunderbird portfolio of articles on Ford Thunderbird in book form; 140 pages

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55-58 Chassis Parts and Illustrations guide, 570 pgs by Studebaker ( also covers 57-8 Packard )

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55-59 Assembly manual for Chevy & GMC trucks

55-59 by the numbers Chevrolet: 240 pages of part i.d. and interchage info. The only parts id book good enough to earn an official Chevrolet Part Number

55-59 Giulietta 750 Shop Service Repair Manual by Alfa Romeo

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Donna Kooler
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Bruce Wade
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The Christian Herald
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The 555 Fake Song Book
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