2-Book Set by Lee Strobel; The Case for Christ & The Case for Faith
Lee Strobel

2 Book Set By Lee Strobel; the Case for Faith; the Case for a Creator
Lee Strobel

2 Book Set By Linda Howard; up Close and Dangerous; Cover of Night
Linda Howard

2 Book Set By Lindsey Davis; the Jupiter Myth; One Virgin Too Many
Lindsey Davis

2 Book Set By Marian Keyes; the Other Side of the Story; Anybody Out There?
Marian Keyes

2 Book Set By Mark Kurlansky; Salt; Cod
Mark Kurlansky

2 Book Set By Mary McGarry Morris; a Danferous Woman; Songs in Ordinary Time
Mary McGarry Morris

2 Book Set By Max Lucado; Traveling Light; Cure for the Common Life
Max Lucado

2 Book Set By Michael Chabon; the Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay; Wonder Boys
Michael Chabon

2 Book Set By Michael Cunningham; a Home At the End of the World; the Hours
Michael Cunningham

2 Book Set By Michio Kaku; Hyperspace; Beyond Einstein
Michio Kaku

2 Book Set By Pat Barker; the Eye in the Door; the Ghost Road
Pat Barker

2 Book Set By Paul Auster; Timbuktu; the Music of Chance
Paul Auster

2 Book Set By Rachael Ray; Best Eat in Town on $40 a Day; 30 Minute Meals Get Togethers
rachael ray

2 Book Set By Rick Warren; the Purpose Driven Life Journal; the Purpose Driven Life
Rick Warren

2 Book Set By Sandra Dallas; Buster Midnight's Cafe; New Mercies
Sandra Dallas

2 Book Set By Sarah Dessen; This Lullab; Dreamland
Sarah Dessen

2 Book Set By Sean Covey; the 6 Most Important Decisions You'll Ever Make; the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens
Sean Covey

2 Book Set By Sebastian Faulks; on Green Dolphin Street; Birdsong
Sebastian Faulks

2 Book Set By Stormie Omartian; the Power of a Praying Parent; the Power of a Praying Parent
Stormie Omartian; Christopher Omartian; Amanda Omartian

2 Book Set By Suze Orman; the Courage to Be Rich; the Money Book for the Fabulous & Broke
Suze Orman

2 Book Set By Thich Nhat Hanh; Being Peace; the Sun My Heart
Thich Nhat Hanh

2 Book Set By Wally Lamb; I Know This Much Is True; She's Come Undone
Wally Lamb

2 Book Set By Wally Lamb; I Know This Much Is True; She's Come Undone

2 Book Set By Willian J. O'neil; How to Make Money in Stocks: A Winning System in Good Times or Bad; 24 Essential Lessons for Investment Success: Learn the Most Important Investment Techniques From the Founder of Investor's Business Daily
William J. O'Neil

2 Book set] Cecil: Textbook of Medicine Vol. I / One / 1 and Vol. II / Two / 2 : Eighteenth / 18th Edition [Medicine Books]
Wyngaarden, James B. And Lloyd H. Smith
W.B. Saunders Co. 1985, RARE: Hard-To-Find !!. 1985.
ISBN 0721618499

2 Book Set ] Chess in 30 Minutes; Common Sense Chess
Lowe, E.S. And Lasker, Emanuel
David McKay Company, Inc.

2 Book Set ; Complete Idiot's Guide to Screenwriting , Zen and the Art of Screenwriting
Skip Press; William Froug

2 Book Set ; Confederates in the Attic: Dispatches From the Unfinished Civil War, Blue Latitudes
Tony Horwitz

2 Book Set; Daily Inspiration for the Purpose Driven Life, the Purpose Driven Life
Rick Warren

2 Book Set] Digging Up Dinosaurs; My Visit to the Dinosaurs
HarperCollins Publishers, Inc.

2 Book set] Dimelo Tu! A Competency Approach and Cuaderno De Actividades y Manual De Laboratorio [textbook and Companion Workbook for Learning the Spanish language]
Samaniego, Fabian A. Et alSamaniego, Fabian A. Et al: Blommers, Lagunas-carvacho, Castillo, Sardan, Sepulveda-Pulviremti:
Holt, Rinehart & Winston. 1989.

2 Book set] Double for Death / Bad for Business
Sout, Rex
Pyramid. 1968.

2 Book Set ; Eloise, Eloise in Paris
Kay Thompson

2 book set featuring Hepburn] Me: stories of my Life; and Katherine Hepburn
Hepburn, Katherine and Barbara Leaming
Knoph 1991 and Crown 1995 First edition by this publisher. 1995.

2 book set; flomber and kidner
saitou, john
viking. 2002.

2 Book Set For Students Of The French Language] French Through Pictures; See It & Say It In French
Richards, I.A. & Madrigal, Margarita

2 Book Set ; for Women Only, He's Just Not That Into You
Shaunti Feldhahn; Greg Behrendt; Liz Tuccillo

2 Book set] Foundations of Liberty [religous reading]
Patrick, James [Editor]
East Moline Christian School no Date.

2 Book Set; Harvey Penick's Little Red Book; for All Who Love the Game
Harvey Penick

2 Book Set; How to Be Your Dog's Best Friend; the Art of Raising a Puppy By the Monks of New Skete
The Monks of New Skete

2 Book Set; Illustrated Guide to Texas Hold 'Em, the Illustrated Guide to No-limit Texas Hold'em
Dennis Purdy
ISBN 1402207247

2 Book Set in Slipcase] Theories of Society Volume 1/One; Theories of Society II/2/Two [Foundations of Modern Sociological Theory]
Parsons, Talcott and Shils, Edward and Naegele, Kaspar D. and Pitts, Jesse R
Various / Mixed Group of Similar Books, RARE: Hard-to-find!!.

2 Book Set in Slipcase] Theories of Society Volume 1/One; Theories of Society II/2/Two [Foundations of Modern Sociological Theory]
The Free Press of Glencoe, Inc. 1961.

2 Book Set ; Jeff Burroughs' Little League Instructional Guide, Youth Baseball
Jeffâ Burroughs; Jr. McCarthy John P

2 Book Set] Judas Priest; Desert Sinner[A Father Dowling Mystery Series]
McInerny, Ralph
St Martins Paperbacks 1991. 1992.
ISBN 0312081774

2 Book Set; Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus; Mars and Venus on a Date By John Gray, Ph.d
Ph.D. John Gray

Farber, Erica;Sansevere
Goldencraft. 1995.

2 Book set] Milestones of History: Sunrise and Stormclouds 1903-1936; The Pen and the Sword 1601-1698 [oversized Pictorial, Coffee Table History, Art, Politics, Culture, Decorative Items, Events, etc]
Morgan, Roger [Editor]; Christopher Hibbert [Editor]
Newsweek Books 1974 Reprint, RARE: Hard-to-find!!. 1974.

2 Book Set of Who Moved My Cheese & Who Moved My Cheese? For Teens By Spencer Johnson, M.d. (Who Moved My Cheese Books, Who Moved My Cheese? & Who Moved My Cheese? For Teens)
M.D. Spencer Johnson

2 book set, one in English and one in Spanish] Giant Dinosaurs; Los Dinosaurios Gigantes
Rowe, Erna, Illustrated by Smith, Merle
Scholastic Book Services, 1973 Reprint. 1973.

2 Book Set; One Last Time; Crossing Over By John Edward
John Edward

2 Book Set; Parenting with Love and Logic, Teaching Children Responsibility; Parenting Teen with Love & Logic, Parenting Adolescents for Responsible Adulthood By Foster Cline, M.d. & Jim Fay
M.D. Foster Cline; Jim Fay

2 Book Set - PUG Pre-Primer and Pug Activity Book Annotated Teacher's Edition (Keys to Reading)
Harris, Theodore L. - Creekmore, Mildred - Matteoni, Louise
The Economy Company. 1975.

2 Book Set; Raising Your Spirited Child, Raising Your Spirited Child Workbook
Mary Sheedy Kurcinka

2 Book Set ; SAS Survival Handbook, Be Expert with Map and Compass
John 'Lofty' Wiseman; Björn Kjellström

2 Book Set/Series] All About Growing Fruits & Berries: How to Succed with the Varieties Best Suited to Your Own Area; All About Houseplants: How to Select, Care for, and Design with Houseplants
Ferguson, Barbara
Ortho Books. 1982.

2 Book set/series] Animals for Tiny Tots; Animal Friends: cow and Chicks [Pictorial Children's Earlier Readers, Small Boardbooks with Simple words]
Playmore Inc. [publisher ]
Froebel Kan Col Ltd. / No Dates, RARE: Hard-to-find!!.

2 Book set/series] A Treasury of Asian Literature ; Anthology of Chinese Literature from Early Times to the Fourteenth Century [2 Books on Oriental Writings and Readings]
Yohannan, John D; Cyril Birch [Editor]
The New American Library 1956; Grove Press Inc. 1979, RARE: Hard-to-find!!. 1979.

2 Book set/series] Comstock Lode; The Lonesome Gods [both Hb in Djs, western/cowboy fiction]
L'Amour, Louis

2 Book set/series] Conan and the Grim Grey God; Conan: The Outcast [fantasy]
Moore, Sean A.; Leonard Carpenter

2 Book Set/Series] Doug's Big Shoe Disaster; Doug's Secret Christmas
Jinkins, Jim
Scholalstic Inc.1998. 1998.

2 Book set/series, Each with discette] Social Research Using MicroCase; Doing Statistics Using MicroCase: Second Edition [critical/practical study]
Roberts, Lynne & Michael Corbett; William Fox
MicroCase Corp., RARE: Hard-to-find!!.

2 Book set/series] Exploring Microsoft Access: Version 2.0; Exploring Microsoft Word for Windows, Version 6.0 [critical/practical Study, Outdated Textbooks, Computer Programming and Use guides]
Grauer, Robert T. And Maryann Barber University of Miami
Prentice Hall 1994, RARE: Hard-to-find!!. 1994.
ISBN 0130795267

2 Book Set/Series] For Better or for Best: Understand Your Man; If Only He Knew: What No Woman Can Resist
Smalley, Gary

2 Book set/series] for Whom the Brush Toles: Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 [oversized Pictorials on How to Tole Paint, Decorative Painting Techniques, Methods, explained]
Hauser, Priscilla, Olive Houston, Marynell Snow
Priscilla Publications 1973/1974, All Books are in Similar Condition. 1974.

2 Book set/series] Graham Kerr's Television Cookbook, CBC, Volume 1; and 3 [pictorial cookbook/recipe Collection, Fresh Ideas, Traditional Fair, TV Show Tie-in books]
Kerr, Graham
Common Market Trading Ltd., RARE: Hard-to-find!!.

2 Book set/series] Guadalcanal Islad Ordeal; Operation Torch Anglo-American Invasion of North Africa
Kent, Graeme; Jones, Vincent
Ballantine Books Inc.

2 Book Set/Series] How to Grow Herbs; Basic Gardening : Simplified Handbook 822 How-to Drawing and Photographs
Lane Books.

2 Book set/series] Killing Floor; Die Trying [fiction novels]
Child, Lee
Jove Books.

2 Book set/series] Know Your Bible Program: The Letters of Paul; the Conversion of Paul [religious Readings, Pictorial with Paster plates intact]
Walsh, Chad
RARE: Hard-to-find!!: Nelson Doubleday. 1960.

2 Book Set/Series] Man: In the Dramatic Mode; Man: In the Fictional Mode [Pictorial Readers]
Heston, Lilla; Haupt, Hannah Beate
McDougall, Littell & Company.

2 Book set/series] Masters of the Universe: Mask of Evil; The Power of Point Dread; Danger at Castle Grayskull [2 Books, No Record]
Hughes, John
Western Publishing Company Inc. 1984; Mattel Inc. 1984.

2 Book set/series] Microwave Favorite Recipe Collection Volume I: Main Courses and II: Side Dishes, Appetizers to Desserts [New, cookbook/recipe Collection for Use with Microwave ovens]
Preston, Michelle A
RARE: Hard-to-find!!:. 1996.

2 Book set/series] Our World in Space and Time; Life and Its Marvels: Plant, Animal, Human [oversized Pictorial Science Primers, Geography, Astrology, Natural Wonders, Series: International Pictorial Treasury of Knowledge]
Calder, Ritchie (introduction); Joseph Lauwerys [introduction]
International Graphic Society / Esco Publishing Company 1960, RARE: Hard-to-find!!. 1960.

2 Book set/series] Patrick's Dinosaurs; What Happened to Patrick's Dinosaurs?
Carrick, Carol and Pictures By Carrick, Donald
Houghton Mifflin 1983 / 1986 Reprints, Children's Reading Books. 1986.

2 Book Set/Series] Physiological Basis of Human Performance; Experiments in the Physiology Of Human Performance [Applied Physiology, Human Motion and Movement, Critical Study]
Ricci, Benjamin
Lea & Febiger 1970 [reprint]; 1970 [no Edition stated]. 1970.

2 Book set/series, poetry] Fred Benton Holmberg: Journey; Touching [illustrated Poetry, East Coast Author, poet]
Holmberg, Fred benton and Lori Russell
Durrell 1971 and 1973, RARE: Hard-to-find!!. 1973.

2 Book set/series] Sea Strike; Choosers of the Slain [suspense/thriller]
Cobb, James H
ISBN 042516053X

2 Book Set/series] The Annapolis Book of Seamanship 1983; The Annapolis Book of Seamanship 1989: New Revised Edition [oversized Pictorial Books on Sailing, Sail Boats, Tall Ships, High Seas Adventures, Art Science Teamwork of Yachting Boats of All Types]
Rousmaniere, John and Marke Smith
Simon and Schuster, RARE: Hard-to-find!!.

2 Book set/series] the Best of Supercook: Sweets and Puddings; Soups and Stews [Oversized Pictorial cookbook/recipe collections] Over 100 Delici9ous Dishes with 50 Lavish Illustrations Each
Moore, Isabel
RARE: Hard-to-find!!: Marshall Canvendish. 1977.

2 Book set/series] the Great Departure: The Unived States and World War I/1/one 1914-1920; America's Road to Empire: The War with Spain and Overseas Expansion [Series: America in Crisis, American Diplomatic History, critical/practical study]
Smith, Daniel M., Professor of History, University of Colorado ; H. Wayne Morgan
John Wiley and Sons [1965], RARE: Hard-to-find!!. 1965.

2 Book Set/Series] The Ideal Student Textbook; Intermediate Bridge Five Card Major Student Text [2 Books for Contract Bridge Players]
Michaels, Charles and Ruth Cohen; Shirley Silverman
Barclay Bridge Supplies Co. 1961. 1976.

2 Book Set/Series]The Little Golden Book of Hymns; Prayers for Children [Childrens Religious Early Pictorial Readers]
Werner, Elisa Jane and E.D. Ebsun; Wilkin, Eloise
Western Publishing Co; Little Golden Book.

2 Book set/series] the Plains of Passage; the Valley of Horses
Auel, Jean M
Crown, RARE: Hard-to-find!!.

2 Book Set/Series] The Rise of Endymion; Endymion
Simmons, Dan
Bantam Spectra.
ISBN 0553572989

2 Book Set/Series] The Romance of a Christmas Card; The Birds' Christmas Carol
Wiggin, Kate Douglas
Ballantine Books 1989. 1989.

2 Book-set/Series] The Wildest Heart; Sweet Savage Love [Romance Novels]
Rogers, Rosemary
Various / Mixed Group of Similar Books, RARE: Hard-to-find!!.
ISBN 0380008157

2 Book Set/Series] Working From Home; The Best Home Businesses for the 90's [2 Books on Self-Employment]
Edwards, Paul and Sarah
G. P. Putman's Sons 1994. 1994.

2 Book Set; Shabby Chic Home ; Shabby Chic Treasure Hunting&decorating Guide
Rachel Ashwell

2 Book Set ; Talk to the Hand, Eats, Shoots & Leaves
Lynne Truss

2 Book Set ; Ten Stupid Things Women Do to Mess up Their Lives , the Ten Commandments
Laura C. Schlessinger
ISBN 0060976497

2 Book Set, the Automatic Millionaire ; the Automatic Millionaire Workbook
David Bach

2 Book Set ; the Care and Feeding of Indigo Children, the Indigo Children
Doreen Virtue

2 Book Set; the Cartoonist's Workbook; Complete Idiot's Guide to Cartooning
MA Robin Hall; Arnold Wagner; Shannon R. Turlington

2 Book Set] The Chartreuse of Parma; Memoirs of Two Young Brides
Gosse, Edmund
P.F. Collier & Son.

2 Book Set ; the Courtesan, the Dark Queen
Susan Carroll
ISBN 0345437969

2 Book Set; the Doll Peope; the Meanest Doll in the Worldby Ann M. Martin & Laura Godwin
Ann M. Martin

2 Book Set ; the Iliad, the Odyssey

2 Book Set; the Journal of Desire: Searching for the Life We've Only Dreamed Of; the Sacred Romance: Drawing Closer to the Heart of God
Brent Curtis; John Eldredge

2 Book Set; the Little League Guide to Tee Ball, Youth Baseball: The Guide for Coaches & Parents
John P McCarthy; Ned Mcintosh

2 Book set] the Lonely Silver Rain / The Damned: [Travis Mcgee Adventure Series ]
MacDonald, John D
Various / Mixed Group of Similar Books: Fawcett, RARE: Hard-to-find!!.
ISBN 0449125092

2-book Set the Namesake & Interpreter of Maladies By Jhumpa Lahiri
Jhumpa Lahiri

2 Book Set - The New What Next? Part One and Part Two (Reading for Indpendence)
Monroe, Marion
Scott, Foresman and Co. 1963.

2 Book Set; the Power of Focus for Women; the Power of Focus
Les Hewitt Fran Hewitt

2 Book Set ; the Power of Intention, Your Sacred Self
Wayne W. Dyer

2 Book Set; the Red Tent; the Last Days of Dogtown By Anita Diamant
Anita Diamant

2 Book Set ; the Road Less Traveled, the Road Less Traveled and Beyond
M Scott, M.D. Peck

2 Book Set; the Secret Life of Bees & the Mermaid Chair (the Mermaid Chair & the Secret Life of Bees)
Sue Monk Kidd

2-book Set; the South Beach Diet & the South Beach Diet Cookbook By Arthur Agatston, M.d
M.d. Arthur Agatston

2 Book Set] The Tale Of Tom Kitten; The Tale Of Squirrel Nutkin
Potter, Beatrix
Landoll, Inc. 1993 First Edition By This Publisher. 1993.

2 Book Set; the Tipping Point ; Blink
Malcolm Gladwell

2 Book Set ; Things Fall Apart , Anthills of the Savannah
Chinua Achebe

2-book Set; This Present Darkness & Piercing the Darkness By Frank E. Peretti
Frank E. Peretti

2 Book Set ; True North, the Road From Coorain
Jill Ker Conway

2 Book sett] Wonders: Reader's Corner: Imagination, an Odyssey Through Language; Wonders: Activity Book [educational Materials, Grade School, textbooks]
Heald-Taylor, Gail, General Consultant, Language Arts
Harcourt Brace Jovanovich 1989, RARE: Hard-to-find!!. 1989.
ISBN 015332810X

2 Book sett] Wonders: Writer's Corner: Imagination, an Odyssey Through Language; Wonders: Activity Book [educational Materials, Grade School, textbooks]
Heald-Taylor, Gail, General Consultant, Language Arts
Harcourt Brace Jovanovich 1989, RARE: Hard-to-find!!. 1989.
ISBN 0153328169

Neels, Betty
Harlequin. 1986.

2 Book set] Weather and Weather Forecasting / Watching for the Wind: The Seen and Unseen Influences on Local Weather
Forsdyke, A. G. And Pictures By Angus McBride
Bantam. 1971.

2 book set Where the Heart Is, the Honk and Holler Opening Soon
Billie Letts

2-book Set; Wild At Heart & Captivating By John Eldredge
John Eldredge

2 Book set] Youth Hymnal; Christian Service Songs
Rodeheaver, Joseph and Ruthella
The Rodeheaver Hall-Mack Co. 1935. 1939.


2 Books] Fishing in Southern California : 1997-1998 Edition; The Complete Idiot's Guide to Fishing Basics [With Valuable Tips, Quick and Easy ways to Learn How to Freshwater Fish, Surf Fish, Flyfish, and More]
Albert, Ken; Toth, Mike
Various Publishers.
ISBN 0934061319

2 Books for Pedal bikers] International Bicycle Touring; Bicycling Magazine's Riding and Racing Techiniques [techniques, Methods, explained]]
Bike World , Editors; Editors of Bicycling Magazine
Various, RARE: Hard-to-find!!.

2 books from Clothes and Crafts in History - Clothes and Crafts in Ancient Greece & Clothes and Crafts in Roman Times
Steele, Philip
Gareth Stevens Publishing 0836827341 & 0836827376. 2000.

2 Books from Popular Mechanics
Popular Mechanics Press - Chicago - 1940 &. 1942.