2 Bks on Medical Practice] Essentials of Medicine: Seventeenth/17th Edition; Surgical Nursing: Tenth/10th Edition [Medical Reference]
Emerson, Charles Phillips and Jane Sherburn Bragdon; Eliason, Eldridge L, L. Kraeer Ferguson and Lillian A. Sholtis
Various / Mixed Group of Similar Books, RARE: Hard-to-find!!.

2 Bks on minerals] a Textbook of Mineralogy with an Extended Treatise on Crystallogyraphy and Physical Minerology : Fourth / 4th Edition, Revised and Enlarged ; a Manual of Determinative Mineralogy with Tables : For the Determination of Minerals : 4th Ed
Dana, Edward Salisbury / Physics, Yale University and William E. Ford / Sheffield Scientific School of Yale University ; J. Volney Lewis and A. C. Hawkins
John Wiley and Sons Inc 1926, 1931, RARE: Hard-to-find!!. 1931.

2 Bks on Music] John Thompson's Melody All the Way, the Modern Course for the Piano, Book 1 A; Modern Course for the Piano: The Third Grade Book [songbook/sheet music/piano Lesson books]
Thompson, John
Willis Music Company.

2 Bks on Nixon] Observing the Nixon Years ; How the Good Guys Finally Won : Notes from an Impeachment Summer [critical/practical Study, politics]
Schell, Jonathan, Jimmy Breslin
All Books are in Similar Condition.

2 Bks on Our Physical world] Geology Principles and Processes : Second /2nd Edition ; a Textbook of Geology Part II/2 Historical Geology : Fourth / 4th Edition, Largely Rewritten [critical/practical Study, Used Textbooks Pre WWII]
Emmons, William H. And George A. Thiel, Clinton R. Stauffer, Ira S. Allison ; Charles Schuchert, and Carl O. Dunbar
McGraw Hill 1939 and John Wiley and Sons. 1941.

2 Bks on piano] for All Portable Keyboards : Easy Electronic Keyboard Music : Exploring Automatic Rhythm ; Instruction Book A [lessons, Songbook, Sheet music]
Leonard, Hal [publisher]
[1975] 1986, 1985, RARE: Hard-to-find!!. 1986.

2 Bks on publishing] Book Publishing Practice ; This Business of Publishing : An Insider's View of Current Trends and Tactics [book Production, Ins and Outs, Behind the Scenes of Publishers, Publishing, Basics of Book / Books Publish / Marketing ]
Bingley, Clive / Richard Curtis
Archon Books 1966 / Allworth Press 1998, Clean and Unmarked Text. 1998.
ISBN 1880559986

2 Bks on quicken] Quicken 4: Made Easy; Using Quicken, Covers Version 2 and 3 [computer Program User guides]
Campbell, David and Mary Campbell; Que Stephen Nelson
Osborne McGraw Hill/ Que, RARE: Hard-to-find!!.
ISBN 0078816947

2 Bks on Sailing] Invitation to Sailing: A Complete Illustrated guide to Small Boat Sailing; Windsurfing with Ken Winner: A Complete Illustrated Guide [Pictorial Reference Guides, Sail Boating Techniques, Methods, explained]
Brown, Alan; Ken Winner & Roger Jones
Various / Mixed Group of Similar Books, RARE: Hard-to-find!!.
ISBN 067121134X

2 Bks on Sewing techniques]Sylvia Sidney Needlepoint Book; Cross Stitch from a Country Garden: From McCall's Needlework & Crafts [oversized Pictorial sewing/craft Books, with Lots of Projects to Stitch and sew]
Sidney, Sylvia; Sedgewood Press, Margo Kaminsky
Various / Mixed Group of Similar Books, RARE: Hard-to-find!!.
ISBN 0696023032

2 Bks on Similar subject] Richard's Bicycle Book; The Complete book of Bicycling [Biking Techniques, Methods, explained]
Ballantine, Richard; Eugene Sloane
Various / Mixed Group of Similar Books, RARE: Hard-to-find!!.
ISBN 0345302427

2 Bks on Similar Subject] Tired of Being Tired; the Healing Brain [Mental Ability]
Schmidt, Michael; Robert Ornstein and David Sobel
Various / Mixed Group of Similar Books, RARE: Hard-to-find!!.
ISBN 1883319161

2 Bks on the bicycle/bikes] the Sotry of the Bicycle; the All New Complete Book of Bicycling [biography, Repair, Touring, Transportation, Exercise, History, culture]
Woodforde, John; Eugene A. Sloane
RARE: Hard-to-find!!.
ISBN 0671249673

2 Bks on trains] 101 Track Plans for Model Railroaders, N, TT, HO, S, and O Scale Model Railroads; Ho Primer: Model Railrading for All: Getting Started in Ho Gauge, How to Select Sets, Cars, Locos, Track, How to Get Good Performance, Building Form Kits
Westcott, Linn H
Kalmbach Publishing Company 1972 / 1971, RARE: Hard-to-find!!. 1972.

2 bks] Organic Make Up : The Natural Way to Beauty ; Australian Tea Tree Oil [self Help to Healthy Living, Inner Empowerment, and Nature's Remedies]
Gjerde, Mary ; Cynthia B. Olsen
Nash Publishing 1971 First ; Kali Press 1989, RARE: Hard-To-Find !!. 1989.

2 Bks predictions] Future Shock ; none Dare Call it Treason [ Doom, Panic, Politics, Future Love and Stories of What May Come]
Toffler, Alvin ; Stormer, John A
RARE: Hard-To-Find !!.

2 Bks, Random House Step Up Books series] Meet the Men Who Sailed the Seas; Meet Christopher Columbus [high Sea Adventure, Pictorial Children's Readers, Historical and Informative]
Dyment, John and Pictures By Victor Mays; James T. De Kay/DeKay and Pictures By Victor Mays
Random House 1968 / 1966, RARE: Hard-to-find!!. 1968.

2 Bks, Scratch & sniff] The Sweet Smell of Chirstmas; Little Bunny Follows His Nose [Pictorial Children's Reader, Each Book Has 6 Fragrance Lables That Still Smell When Scratched, Golden Book series]
Scarry, Patricia / J. P. Miller; Katherine howard and J. P. Miller
Golden Book 1970 / 1971, RARE: Hard-to-find!!. 1971.

2 Bks Series: Cornerstones of Freedom] The Story of the Declaration of Independence; the Story of the Constitution [Children's Pictorial, Juvenile Reader, American History Primers, Independence, Liberty, Basics of America's culture]
Richards, Norman, and Pictures By Tom Dunnington; Marilyn Prolman, and Pictures By Robert Glaubke
Childrens Press 1968, RARE: Hard-to-find!!. 1968.

2 Bks / series] All Madrid ; All Barcelona [pictorial Sourvenir Travel Biography of Each of These Grand Historical Cities. Monuments, All the Best Sites to See and Visit, Spain, Espania Travel Guides, Culture, Shopping and Much more] English Editions
Editorial Escudo De Oro S. A
Editorial Escudo De Oro S. A. 1983 / Reprints, Grouping of Similar Books. 1983.

2 bks/series] All Sevilla ; All Valencia : English Editions [pictorial Travelers Souvenir of Saville Italy, Architecture, History, Culture, Biography, Important Sites to be Seen, Art Masterworks and more]
Editorial Escudo De Oro
Editorial Escudo De Oro 1982 Reprint, ~~~Gift Quality Copy~~~. 1982.
ISBN 8437806178

2 Bks, Series ] Artificial Lures ; Catch Fish Anywhere Anytime [pictorial Catalog / Catalogue of Fishing Equipment to Catch Fish, Hooks, Lines, Sinkers, Fish Angler Techniques, Methods, Explained, Places to Fish, Trails, Maps Personal Experiences / more]
North American Fishing Club / Dick Sternberg, Mike Vail, Tom Carpenter, Dan Kennedy, Michele Teigen, Dave Schelitzche, Julie Cisler, Gina Germ, Steve Pennaz
North American Fishing Club 1998 / ISBN Issue, This Isbn is Missmatched, Another Book Uses This Same Isbn., ~~~Gift Quality Copy~~~. 1998.
ISBN 091469779X

2 Bks, series] Buddhist Logic in Two Volumes : Volume One / 1 ; Volume Two / 2 : Unabridged and Corrected Reproduction [Bibliotheca Buddhica, religious Readings, Inspiration, Devotion, Study, Worship, Biblical, Meditation, Personal healing elements]
Stcherbatsky, F. Th. For Dover Publications
Dover Publications, 1962 Reproduction, Unabridged and Corrected Reproduction of the Work Published By the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, [1930], RARE: Hard-To-Find !!. 1962.

2 Bks / series] Concert Hall Limited Recordings : Concert Hall Society Presents : The Seventh Series of Its Limited edition Recordings ; Concert Hall Limited Recordings Presenting Concert Hall Society Limited Recordings Sixth Series [programs, Biography]
Concert Hall Society Inc / President Dr. David Josefowitz
No Publication Date c 1930 to 1940, Grouping of Similar Books. 1940.

2 Bks Series] Current Concepts in Biology Series: Process and Pattern in Evoluion ; Ecology of Populations [critical/practical Study, Review, Principles, Aspects of Life Science, Ecosystems and More Relivant studies]
Hamilton, Terrell H. With Foreword By Ernst Mayr ; Arthur S. Boughey
MacMillan Company 1968-1970, RARE: Hard-to-find!!. 1970.

2 Bks / series] Dogmatic Theology : The True Religion : Volume I / 1 / One ; Christ's Church : Volume II / 2 / Two [religious Readings, Inspiration, Devotion, Study, Worship, Biblical, Bible scriptorial/scripture Elements, Doctrine, Divine law]
Noort, Msgr. / Monsignor G. Van ; Translated and Revised By John J. Castelot, SS and William R. Murphy SS ; from the Fifth / 5th Edition Edited By J. P. Verhaar STD; Paul F. Genovese, Edward Cardinal Mooney
The Newman Press. 1955.

2 Bks Series, General Motors] GMC Truck 1992: Light Duty Truck, Fuel and Emmissions Service Manual, Including Driveabliity, Electronic Fuel Injected Gasoline Engines Only; Sierra, Yukon Suburban Crew Cab and 3500 Hd, Service Manual [automotive Repair]
GMC Truck Division, General Motors Corporation [publisher, 1991]
GMC Truck Division, General Motors Corporation [publisher, 1991], RARE: Hard-to-find!!. 1991.

2 Bks / Series Illustrated By Don Irwin] Gulliver's Travels ; Around the World in Eighty / 80 Days [ [Children's Pictorial, Juvenile Reader, Classic Literature ]
Swift, Jonathan ; Verne, Jules
RARE: Hard-To-Find !!.

2bks series] INC Sights: a Teacher's Guide to Writers Inc; Writers File 9-12: a Language Series to Accompany Writers Inc [understanding the Process of Writing, Learning Resource, Activities, Readings, Practical Techniques, Methods, explained]
Sebranek, Patrick; Write Source Educational Publishing House [publisher]
Write Source Educational Publishing House 1992 / 1993, Wilmington, MA, U.S.A. 1992.
ISBN 0939045826

2 Bks Series, Kondy] Coloring 1-10; Coloring Aa to Zz / A to Z [Pictorial Children's Reader, Activities, Writing Skills workbooks]
Kondy, Ellie for Gma's Inc 1995
Gma's Inc 1995, RARE: Hard-to-find!!. 1995.

2 Bks / Series] Moral Theology : a Complete Course : Based on St. / Saint Thomas Aquinas and the Best Modern Authorities : Volume I / 1 / One ; Volume II / 2 / Two [religious Readings, Inspiration, Devotion, Study, Worship, Biblical, Bible scripture]
McHugh, John A. OP and Charles J. Callan OP, Revised and Enlarged By Edward P. Farrell OP ; Elwood Ferrer Smith, Benjamin Urban Fay, William D. Marrin, Daniel V. Flynn, Francis Cardinal Spellman
Joseph F. Wagner Inc 1958, Clean, Unmarked Text. 1958.

2 Bks / series] Parade of Life :monerans, Protists, Fungi, and Plants [Pictorial Children's Reader, Biology, Geology, Plant Life Primer, Plus Teacher Edition]
Maton, Anthea
Prentice Hall 1993, RARE: Hard-To-Find !!. 1993.
ISBN 0139798161

2 Bks series] Rand McNally Junior Elf Book: Little Toy Train; Tim and His Train [Pictorial Children's Readers, Boys and Trains stories]
Stahlmann, Catherine and Pictures By Dean Bryant; E. C. Reichert and Pictures By Fiore and Jackie Mastri and Barbara Clyne for Rand McNally
Rand Mcnally, RARE: Hard-to-find!!.

2 Bks, series/set] Magic Eye: a New Way of Looking at the World: 3D Illustions; Magic Eye: Now You See it [puzzles to Solve By Stairing at Them, Computer Generated Eyeball benders]
Thing Enterprises, N. E
Andrews and McMeel, RARE: Hard-to-find!!.
ISBN 0836270061

2 Bks series] Sounds of Numbers ; Sounds Around the Clock [Pictorial Children's Readers Primers, Educational Textbooks, Calfirnia State series]
Martin, Bill Jr
California State Department of Education / Group of Similar Books, RARE: Hard-to-find!!.

2 Bks series] to the Chief Musician: Songs of Worship and Praise, Choral Arrangements; To The Chief Musician, Chapter II [Christian Song Books, Hymns, Religious songs]
Perkins, Phil; as Recorded By Candle, a Team Comprised of Members of the Agape Force, Lindale Texas; Jimmy Owens, Birdwing Music, Sparrow Song/Candle Company Music
Birdwing Music 1976, RARE: Hard-to-find!!. 1976.

2 Bks series] We Help Mommy a Little Little Golden Book #11; The Little Red Hen, A Little Little Golden Book # 3 [Miniature Pictorial Children's readers]
Cushman, Jean and Pictures By Eloise Wilkin; J. P. Miller
RARE: Hard-to-find!!: A Little Little Golden Book [1959] [1954] Later Printing in Miniature. 1959.

2bks Series with Beeping Pencil toy] Big Bird Beep Book : Which One Doesn't Belong ; Lets Get Dressed [Pictorial Children's Reader, Includes Working Electronic Beep toy]
Brannon, Tom ; Anne Sikorski Featuring Jim Henson Muppets
A Sesame Street / Golden Press Book 1989, Clean and Unmarked Text. 1989.

2 Bks / series] Young Peoples Story of Our Heritage : Young Peoples Story of Africa and Asia [Pictorial Children's Reader, Culture, Folklone, Travel, biography]
Hillyer, V.m
Meridith Press, RARE: Hard-To-Find !!.

2 Bks set] Selected Case Studies in American History Volume 1 & Volume 2 [critical/practical Study, Events Examined and Reviewed from Both Sides Illustrated with Poinant Photos and News clips]
Gardner, William E./ Beery, Robert W./ Olson, James R./ Kenneth A. Rood, California State Series, Allyn and Bacon
Allyn and Bacon Inc [1970] 1972, RARE: Hard-to-find!!. 1972.

2 Bks set/series] CTW Sesame Street, a Growing Up Book: Ernie Gets Lost; Oscar's Grouchy Day [Pictorial Children's Reader, Tv tie-in]
Alexander, Liza and Tom Cooke
Golden, RARE: Hard-to-find!!.

2 Bks set/series] The buttons and The Whirlybird; the Buttons at the Farm [Pictorial Children's Readers, Reading Primer adventures]
McCall, Edith S. And Jack Faulkner
Benefic Press / Bedkley -Cardy, RARE: Hard-to-find!!.

2 Bks set/series] the Economics of Money, Banking, and Financial Markets: Third/3rd Edition; Study Guide and Workbook to Accompany F. S. Mishkin the Economics of Money Banking and Financial Markets, Third Ed. [critical/practical Study, Textbook]
Mishkin, Frederic S.; John McArthur
Harper Collins 1992, RARE: Hard-to-find!!. 1992.
ISBN 0673521419

2 Bks set/series] The Encyclopedia of French Dolls : Volume One / I / 1 : A Thru K ; Volume Two / II / 2 : L Thru Z [Pictorial Reference to Doll Collecting, Biographical and Pictorial Detail, Comprehensive Reference for the Serious collector]
Theimer, Danielle; Theimer, Francois
Gold Horse Publishing, Incorporated, Annapolis, Maryland, U.S.A. 2003.
ISBN 1931503168

2 Bks set/series] Weed Control : Second / 2nd Edition ; Forest Pathology [critical/practical Study, Scientific Research, Biology, Forestry, Land and Uses, Soil Culture, and more]
Robbins, Crafts, and Raynor; Boyce for McGraw Hill Book Company
McGraw Hill Book Company, RARE: Hard-to-find!!.

2 Bks set] Sounds of a Powwow: Sounds of a Powwow: Teacher's Edition [Pictorial Children's Reader Primer, Educational]
Martin, Jr. , Bill and Brogan, Peggy
Holt, Rinehart & Winston 1974, RARE: Hard-to-find!!. 1974.
ISBN 0030892651

2 Bks set] The Union Prayerbook for Jewish Worship : Newly Revised Edition Book I / One / 1 and Book 2 / Two / II [religious Readings, Inspiration, Devotion, Study, Worship, Biblical, Bible scriptorial/scripture Elements, Judaism, Jewish Faith, God]
Central Conference of American Rabbis, New York
Central Conference of American Rabbis, New York 1959 [1940]. 1959.

2 Bks Similar Subject: Russia] Russian Journal ; Galina: A Russian Story [biography, History, Culture, Soviet Rule, Personal Struggles, Personal Stories of Influence and drama]
Lee, Andrea ; Galina Vishnevskaya and Translated By Guy Daniels
Various / Mixed Group of Similar Books, RARE: Hard-to-find!!.

2 Bks Similar subject] Choices: a Passionate Novel About First Love and Second Thoughts; Herotica: a Collection of Women's Erotic Fiction [lesbian Fictional Reading, Sexuality, Gender Issues, Short stories]
Toder, Nancy; Susie Bright Editor
Various / Mixed Group of Similar Books, RARE: Hard-to-find!!.

2 Bks Similar subject] Cogan's Trade; Harry's Game [suspense, Crime, Thriller, novels]
Higgins, George V.; Gerald Seymour
Various / Mixed Group of Similar Books, RARE: Hard-to-find!!.
ISBN 0394490576

2 Bks, Similar subject] Dave Dawson with Air Corps : The War Adventure Series ; War Birds : Diary of an Unknown Aviator [world War I / One / WWI and world War Two / II / WWII Novels of Flying Airplane Adventures, Military Pilot Aces]
R. Sidney Bowen ; Clayton Knight
Saalfield Publishing 1942 and Grosset and Dunlap. 1942.

2 Bks Similar subject] if You Live in Colonial Times; Meet the Pilgrem Fathers [Pictorial Children's Readers About the Early American Settlers, United States History]
McGovern, Ann and Pictures By Brinton Turkle; Elizabeth Payne, and Pictures By H. B. Vestal
Scholastic 1968 and Random House 1966, RARE: Hard-to-find!!. 1968.

2 Bks Similar subject] Target Stealth; Firefox Down [American Secret Service, Spy Thriller novels]
Merek, Jack; Craig Thomas
ISBN 0553050435

2 Bks, Similar subject] The Bermuda Triangel Mystery; the Devil's Triangel 2/Two [natural Phenomena, Paranormal Occurances, Bizarre tales and Sightings, Events, Tragedy Etc]
Kusche, Lawrence David; Richard Winer
Various / Mixed Group of Similar Books, RARE: Hard-to-find!!.
ISBN 0446890146

2 Bks Similur subject] Reading the Old Testament : An Introduction ; The Teaching of Christ : a Catholic Catechism for Adults [religious Readings, Inspiration, Devotion, Study, Worship, Biblical, Bible scriptorial/scripture elements]
Boadt, Lawrence ; Ronald Lawler, Donald W. Wuerl, Thomas Comeford Lawler
Paulist Press / OSV Our Sunday Visitor.

2bks Spanish] Heath's Modern Language Series: First Spanish Course ; Heath's Modern Language Series : El Mundo Espanol : Volume Two / 2 [critical/practical Study, Study of the Spanish Language By Enlish Speaking Students]
Hills, E. C. And J. D. M. Ford / University of California, Harvard University ;; Lilia Mary Casis, University of Texas, and Rebecca Shinn Switzer, Texas State Collete for Women, Salomay Lauderdale Harrison, Sanantonio High Schools
D. C. Heath and Company 1917 /1936, Grouping of Similar Books. 1936.

2 bks] St. Paul's : The Cathedral Guide ; St. Pauls Cathedral : A Guide prepared By the Cathedral [Pictorial Souvenir Traveler's Biographies, History Culture, England, Heritage, Old World Architecture, Grand church, City Center, maps]
Pitkin Pictorials Ltd. ; Alan Webster
Various 1984, Grouping of Similar Books. 1984.

2 Bks, Teacher's editions] Sounds in the Wind [penguin cover] ; Sounds I Remember [elephant cover] [series, Children's Reading Primers, Early readers with Fabulous Illustrations, Annotated Teachers editions] Sounds of Language Readers Series
Martin, Bill and Pictures By Peggy Brogan
Holt Rinehart and Winston Inc. 1974.

2 bks] The Illuminatus Trilogy \ Mask of the Illuminati
Shea, Robert & Wilson , Anton

2 bks] The Secret of the Untroubled Mind 1965 ; Philosophy Religion Science : PRS Journal Winter 1963
Hall, Manly P
Philosophical Research Society, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. 1996.
ISBN 0893143529

2bks, The Story Teller Series] La Bella Durmiente / Sleeping Beauty : Espanol / English ; Blanca Nieves y Los Siete Enanitos [Superscope Books, Pictorial Children's Readers, Dual Languages, Spanish/English, Books Only]
Irvine, Rex, Illustrated by Strejan, John
Superscope 1973, RARE: Hard-to-find!!. 1973.

2bks, The Story Teller Series] Sleeping Beauty ; Espanol / English : Blanca Nieves y Los Siete Enanitos [Superscope Books, Pictorial Children's Readers, Dual Languages, Spanish/English, Books Only]
Irvine, Rex, Illustrated by Strejan, John
Superscope 1973, RARE: Hard-to-find!!. 1973.

2bks, The Story Teller Series] Tele Story : Noah and the Ark ; the Advnetures of Sinbad the Sailor [ Superscope Books, Pictorial Children's Readers, Books Only]
Irvine, Rex, Illustrated by Strejan, John
Superscope 1975, RARE: Hard-to-find!!. 1975.

2 Bks & transparencies] Silver Burdett Ginn: Mathematics: Exploring Your World; Grade 1/one Tests; Grade 1/one Overhead Transparencies [early Education, First Grade math]
Champagne, Ruth I. With Herbert P. Ginsburg, Carole E. Greenes, Larry P. Leutzinger, William D. McKillip, Lucy J. Orfan, Fernand J. Prevost, Bruce R. Vogeli, Marianne V. Weter et al for Silver Burdett Ginn [pub]
Silver Burdett Ginn 1995, RARE: Hard-to-find!!. 1995.

2 Bks] Turbo C++ 3.0 For Windows, Programmer's Guide; Objectwindows for C++ User's Guide [Computer tutorials, Language Structure, Reference, Error Messages, Program Users Litertaure, with Laid in items]
Borland International Inc 1991, RARE: Hard-to-find!!. 1991.