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1990 Zoning and Planning Law Handbook
Clark Boardman Callaghan.
ISBN 0876326556

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Clark Boardman Callaghan.
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Victor Vincente Of America
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K. G. Saur.
ISBN 3598237049

1991) 11th Edition, 2 Volume set, Volumes IA & IB, Drug Information for the Health Care Professional, By USP DI (1991)
The Unites States Pharmacopeial Convention
USP DI. 1991.
ISBN 0913595551

1991-1992 American Defense Annual
Editor-Joseph Kruzel
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ISBN 0669279714

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Editor-Joseph Kruzel
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1991-1992 Basketball Almanac
Illinois: Publications International, Inc., Illinois.
ISBN 1561734330

1991-1992 Blue Book State of Wisconsin
Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau Compiled By
1991. 1991.

1991/1992 Cadillac Brougham Service Information
Cadillac Motor Car Division
Trade Paperback. Tight, sound copy. In-depth factory shop manual, one and 3/4 inches thick, some edge soiling.

1991-1992 Congressional Staff Directory

1991 - 1992 Consumer Research Study on Book Purchasing
NPD Group
Book Industry Study Group. 1993.
ISBN 0940016400

1991 - 1992 Green Index: A State-by State Guide to the Nation s Environmental Health
Hall Bob
Island Press. 1991.

The 1991-1992 Green Index: A State-By-State Guide To The Nation's Environmental Health
Bob Hall Mary Lee Kerr
Island Press. 1991.
ISBN 1559631155

1991-1992 Hockey Scouting Report: Scouting Report
Brown, Frank; Ross, Sherry
Sterling Publishing.
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1991-1992 HOCKEY SCOUTING REPORT Scouting Report
Frank Brown; Sherry Ross
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Lexington, KY: Host Creative Communications, Inc., Lexington, KY.

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United States Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 1991.

The 1991 1992 Official Osfsa Rulebook
United States Figure Skating., New York. 1992.

1991-1992 Oregon Blue Book
Secretary of State.

1991-1992 Oregon Blue Book
State of Oregon.

1991-1992 Pocketbook of Infectious Disease Therapy
Bartlett John G
Williams & Wilkins.
ISBN 0683004425

1991-1992 Pocketbook of Infectious Disease Therapy
Bartlett, John G
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Trail Blazers, Inc. 1992.

Minnestrista Council for Great Lakes Native American Studies(1992). 1992.

1991 1992 Scouts Canada Catalogue
Boy Scouts of Canada

Lanesboro, MA The Corgi Shop. 1991.


1991 - 1993 Isuzu Stylus Parts Catalog by Isuzu

1991-1995 Index: To Periodicals of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Salt Lake City, UT. 1996.

1991-1995 Index to Periodicals of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 1996.

1991-1996 Tech Bulletins issued 1995 by Saturn

1991-1997 Tech Bulletins 1996 pub by Saturn

1991-1998Tech Bulletins 91-97 Saturns\nby Saturn EV1 Included

1991 26th Intersociety Energy Conversion Engineering Conference ( 6 volumes) A collection of Technical Papers
American Nuclear Society. 1991.
ISBN 0780304640

1991 33rd Annual Edition; Army-Navy-Air-Marine Corps-Coast Guard-NOAA-USPHS

1991 65th Anniversary Tour Program Yearbook (Harlem Globetrotters)
International Broadcasting Corp., Hollywood, CA, USA. 1991.

1991 6 volumes complete
Archaeology Magazine
New York.

1991, 6 volumes complete
Biblical Archaeology Review

1991 92 Ab Bookmans Yearbook the Special
Ab Bookmans Yearbook
ISBN 1125642068

The 1991-92 AB Bookman's Yearbook. The Specialist Book World Annual
AB Bookman's Yearbook
Clifton, N.J.: Bookman's Weekly. 1992.

1991-92 Advertising Specialty Register (Product Research Volume) Vol.3
Advertising Specialty Institute. 1991.

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Publications Intl. 1992.
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Knoxville, TN: Department of Athletics, 1991, Knoxville, TN. 1991.

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Bookman's Weekly, Clifton, NJ. 1992.

The 1991-92 Bookman's Yearbook
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Chernofsky, Jacob S. (editor)
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1991/92 BUICK Labor Time Guide
Buick Motor Division
General Motors Corporation. 1991.

1991-92 California County Fact Book
California State Association of Counties
California State Association of. 1992.

1991-92 Directory of Facilities and Services for the Learning Disabled

Beacham, A. D. Jr. ; Christenbury, Eugene C. ; McMahan, Oliver ; Rhea, Homer G
Pathway Press, Cleveland, Tennessee. 1991.
ISBN 0871483211

1991/92 Guide to Accredited Camps 35th Annual Edition
American Camping Association

Klass, Carolyn, Et Al
Cornell Cooperative Extension, Ithaca. 1991.

1991-92 Guide to Petroleum Statistical Information
American Petroleum Institute
API. 1991.

1991-92 Men's Basketball Media Guide (Iowa State University, 20 years of Hilton Magic)
Dave Starr and Stacie Michaud
Taylor Publishing. 1991.

1991-92 National Collegiate Championships
Breidenthal, Theodore A,; Editor
National Collegiate Athletic Association: Overland Park, Kansas.

1991-92 National Collegiate Championships
Natl Collegiate Athletic Assn.
ISBN 9991596879

1991-92 New Jersey Nets Media Guide

1991-92 NHL-LNH Upper Deck Shelf Pack Box
Cards, Hockey

1991-92 Official Cba Guide & Register
Colorado: Continental Basketball Association. 1991.

1991-92 Official NBA Guide
The Sporting News, St. Louis. 1991.

1991-92 Powertrain Mounts Shop Service Repair Manual by Saturn

1991-92 Rider College Men's Basketball Guide
Weber, Dan (editor)
Rider College.

1991-92 San Jose Sharks Information Guide
San Jose Sharks, California. 1991.

1991-92 San Jose Sharks Information Guide - First Season

1991-92 Service Stall System Manual by Saturn

1991-92 South Dakota Manufacturers Directory
Not Available (NA)
Manufacturers News. 1991.
ISBN 9992053496

1991-92 Steering Shop Service Repair Manual by Saturn

1991-92 UNC Men's Basketball Guide
Lohse, Dave (editor)
North Carolina State University.

1991-92 University of Evansville Basketball
Boxell, Bob (editor)
Evansville University.

1991-92 West Virginia Basketball Guide
Keys, Kevin (Editor)
West Virginia University.

1991-92 Winnipeg Jets Year Book
Game Program
Winnipeg Jets. 1991.

1991-93 Boy Scout Requirements
A Compilation
Boy Scouts of America, Irving, TX, U.S.A. 1991.
ISBN 0839532164

1991-93 Boy Scout Requirements
Boy Scouts of America
Boy Scouts of America, Irving, TX. 1992.
ISBN 0839532164

1991 940 Owners Manual by Volvo

1991-94 Brakes Shop Service Repair Manual by Saturn

1991-94 Chassis Shop Service Repair Manual by Saturn

1991-94 Electrical Shop Service Repair Manual by Saturn

1991-94 Engine Mechanical Shop Service Repair Manual by Saturn

1991-94 Fuel, Air, Intake & Exhaust Shop Service Manual by Saturn

1991-94 General Information, Fasteners, Specifications Shop Service Repair Manual by Saturn

1991-94 HVAC Shop Service Repair Manual by Saturn

1991-95 Scoupe Parts Catalog by Hyundai

1991-96 Saturn Parts & Illustrations Catalog by Saturn

1991: 1992: THE ALALITCOM a Collection of Writings By the Winning Authors of the 1991 Competition
George, Anne & Margaret Brodnax & Rose Marie Stutts
Alabama writers' Conclave. 1992.

1991: Advent Volume 5 # 1 Areopagus Magazine
Areopagus Magazine

Sotheby Sotheby's

1991: April 15 Jet Magazine with Cover Photo of Gladys Knight
Jet Magazine

1991: April # 1 issue of ADVENTURES OF MISTY COMIC BOOK (adult)
Comic Book

1991: April 8 Jet Magazine Cover Photo of Envogue Singing Group
Jet Magazine

1991: April Arizona Highways Magazine U.S.S. Arizona Article & story on Canyon Diablo
Arizona Highways Magazine

1991: April Cat Claw Comic Book Adult
Comic Book
Strip Art.

1991: April Issue of Adult Comic Book 2 HOT GIRLS ON A HOT SUMMER NIGHT # 1
Comic Book

1991: April Issue of Comic Book RATED X SPECIAL # 1 (Adult Comic Book)
Comic Book

1991: April Issue of Vanity Fair Magazine with Cover photo of Madonna
Vanity Fair Magazine

1991: April Movieline Magazine with Cover Art Depicting Steven Seagal & articles on Amanda Plummer & Perkins Cobb
Movieline Magazine

1991: april playboy steve martin martin scorsese george Foreman Julie Clarke Cover
Playboy Magazine

1991: April vanity Fair Madonna Cover Saddam Hussein Arafat Fat Cat Nichols
Vanity Fair Magazine

1991: April Vogue Magazine
Vogue Magazine

1991: August Arizona Highways Magazine Cover painting of Billy the Kid By bob Boze Bell Very Good Condition
Arizona Highways Magazine

1991: August Colonial Homes Magazine Westville Georgia
Colonial Homes Magazine

1991: August entertainment weekly 16 Pee Wee Herman Cover
Entertainment Weekly Magazine

1991: August issue of SCUM OF THE EARTH Comic Book (Adult Theme Comic book) with Back Page Ad for Movie RE-ANIMATOR
Comic Book

1991: August Lear's Magazine with Cover Photo of Raquel Welch in Pink Dress & Articles on Elizabeth Taylor & Norman Schwarzkopf & Dr. Ruth
Lear's Magazine

1991: August Number 5 ADVENTURES OF MISTY adult comic Book gga Cover Art Explicit
Comic Book

1991: August Number 6 CASANOVA adult Comic Book Gga Cover Art the Virgin Wife Part 2 of 2
Comic Book

1991: August Playboy Daryl gates Interview Flame Models Cover Robert downey Jr. Lee Trevino Corina Harney Centerfold
Playboy Magazine

1991: August vanity fair Demi Moore very nude and very pregnant Cover
Vanity Fair Magazine

1991: August Victoria Magazine Katharine Hepburn Louis Vuitton Janet McCaffery
Victoria Magazine


1991: Christmas Cross Stitch Sampler Magazine
Cross Stitch Sampler Magazine

1991: City Stages 1991 Signed by Artist Rick Pace 21" x 27" Poster Birmingham Alabama

1991: December # 173 Issue of Starlog Magazine with cover of Star Trek VI, Trek Classic, Next Generation and articles of Addams Family, Deforest Kelley, Johnathan Frakes, and Teri Garr
Starlog Magazine

1991: December Andy Warhol's Interview Magazine anjelica huston cover robert Mitchum
Andy Warhol's Interview Magazine

1991: December Arizona Highways Magazine Christmas Stories Issue Very Good Condition
Arizona Highways Magazine

1991: December Epi-Log Magazine with Cover Photo of tv Series Black Sheep Squadron & Back Cover Photo of Vic Morrow & Combat Cast
Epi-Log Magazine

1991: December issue of Fun and Stuff Magazine with Cover photo of Girl Wearing Poodle Skirt with image of Elvis Presley Thereon, Standing Before the Elvis automobile Museum...pic By Rowland Scherman
Fun and Stuff Magazine

1991: December playboy dian parkinson cover carl sagan tom Robbins
Playboy Magazine

1991: December Playboy Magazine with Carl Sagan interview Woody Allen Tom Robbins Michael Crichton & Dian Parkinson Cover & Wendy hamilton Centerfold
Playboy Magazine

1991: December playboy Woody Allen
Playboy Magazine

1991: December Spy magazine Pee Wee Herman and Clarence Thomas Cover Depicting them Sitting in an Adult Movie Theatre
Spy Magazine

1991: December Vanity Fair Magazine Bette Midler Cover
Vanity Fair Magazine