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1999-2001 Indian Motorcycle Service Manual by Indian, for all Models

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1999 - 2003 Import Service Manual

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1999: April biblio William Luce New York Public Library Poetry Slams Edward Hirsch
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Birmingham Magazine

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Colonial Homes Magazine

1999: April George Magazine garth Brooks Cover Hillary Clinton Tom Wolfe Patty Hearst
George Magazine

1999: August Allure Magazine Cover Photo of Sharon Stone Kama Sutra
Allure Magazine

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Birmingham Magazine

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George Magazine

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Jane Magazine

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Marie Claire Magazine

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Colonial Homes Magazine

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New York Times Magazine

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Birmingham Magazine

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W Magazine

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Elle Magazine

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George Magazine

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Davis, John Michael
AuthorHouse. 2004.
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Birmingham Magazine

1999: July Birmingham Magazine Alabama Cover article About Downtown
Birmingham Magazine

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George Magazine

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Mademoiselle Magazine

1999: June Birmingham Magazine Alabama "Birmingham for dummies" Cover
Birmingham Magazine