1979: January 28 New York Times Magazine Cover Closeup Photo of John McEnroe with Red Sweat Band & James Galway & Helmut Newton Spread on bathing Suits
New York Times Magazine

1979: January 8 SPORTS ILLUSTRATED MAGAZINE Cover 'BAMA STOPS PENN STATE Bowl Games Review, Pro Playoffs, Article on Duke Blue Devils
Sports Illustrated Magazine

1979: January Ebony Magazine Cicely Tyson Cover doug Williams Max Robinson Ed Bradley Carol Simpson
Ebony Magazine

1979: January February Colonial Homes Magazine Gilbert Stuart Birthplace
Colonial Homes Magazine

Science Fiction Review) [John Brunner, Michael Moorcock, Orson Scott Card, Charles Platt, Hank Stine, Bill Warren, Elton T. Elliott, F. Paul Wilson, Don Herron, Sandra Miesel, Darrell Schweitzer, et al]
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1979: January journal of Non-White Concerns Peer Counseling Vocational plans of black Students Racial differences in Family Life as portrayed in Children's Picture Books
Journal of Non-White Concerns

1979: January Playboy Magazine 25th anniversary Edition Candy Loving Centerfold Arthur C. Clarke Ray Bradbury Gore Vidal Anne Rice Jules Feiffer John Updike Tom Robbins Bill Cosby George Hamilton Dracula
Playboy Magazine

1979: july 1 einstein Cover Parade
Parade Magazine

1979: July 30 Sports Illustrated Magazine with Cover Photo of Sebastian Coe & Mile Record of 3:49
Sports Illustrated Magazine

1979: July August Communication Arts Magazine THE ART ANNUAL
Communication Arts Magazine

1979: July Ebony Magazine with Cover Photo of grace Jones & articles on Sammy Davis & Bill Cosby & Harry Belafonte & Stevie Wonder & junior Wells & Goerge Thorogood & Ray Charles & B. B. King & Janis Joplin
Ebony Magazine

1979: July Guideposts Alberta hunter on Cover
Guideposts Magazine

1979: July Guitar Player Magazine Cover Photo of George Benson Plus Mark Knopfler & Brian Jeffery & Roy Bookbinder
Guitar Player Magazine

1979: July Playboy Magazine girls of James bond Cover Photo of Denise Gauthier moonraker Ian Fleming Roger Moore Patti McGuire Connors Dorothy mays Centerfold
Playboy Magazine

1979: July Soviet Life Magazine Cover Photo of Estonian Birl
Soviet Life Magazine

1979: June 10 This Week Magazine Cover Photo of Louis L'amour and Family
This Week Magazine

1979: June 2 TV Guide Magazine James Garner Cover Painting By Bernard Fuchs
TV Guide Magazine

1979: June Ebony David Franklin Wilmington 10 Ben Chavis Constance Carroll
Ebony Magazine

1979: June Famous Monsters Magazine George hamilton cover as Dracula Moonraker James Bond Ian Fleming Amityville Horror Bodysnatchers (donald sutherland)
Famous Monsters Magazine

1979: June Life Magazine with Bald Marlon Brando on Cover from Apocalypse Now
Life Magazine

1979: June Penthouse
Penthouse Magazine

1979: June Playboy Steve Martin Playmate of the Year Monique St. Pierre Roger Simon john Sack Suzanne O'malley Louann Fernald Centerfold
Playboy Magazine

1979: March 17 - 23 tv guide Alan Alda and Mike Farrell photo cover Northern Alabama Edition
TV Guide Magazine

1979: March 19 Newsweek Carter and Sadat Cover Photo
Newsweek Magazine

1979: March April Communication Arts Magazine
Communication Arts Magazine

1979: March Ebony Barry White Black Astronauts Lenny Wilkens
Ebony Magazine

1979: March Ebony Magazine with stories on Barry White & Black Astronauts & Profiles of 5 Black Congressmen: Julian Dixon & George Leland & Melvin Evans & William Gray & bennett Stewart
Ebony Magazine

1979: March High Times Magazine William Burroughs & Jack Kerouac & Ralph Metzner & Black Opium
High Times Magazine

1979: March Playboy Magazine joseph heller alex haley harlan Ellison Alex Haley Joseph Heller Debra Jensen Cover Ted Patrick Interview Denise Crosby Harlan Ellison Denise McConnell Centerfold
Playboy Magazine

1979: MARCH SOLDIER OF FORTUNE: Shanghai, Navy Seals, Confederate Air Force, Colorado National Guard, .45 Caliber Thompson, Paladin Press Catalog
Soldier of Fortune

1979: May 19 TV Guide Magazine Cover Photo of Penny Marshall and cindy Williams of Laverne and Shirley Cookie Monster & George Reedy & Garry Marshall
TV Guide Magazine

1979: May Ebony Magazine the Commodores Cover Photo 100 most Influential Black Americans Seth McCoy A. G. Gaston Alex Haley
Ebony Magazine

1979: may June Colonial Homes Magazine
Colonial Homes Magazine

1979: May June Communication Arts Magazine with Cover Photo By Lisl Dennis
Communication Arts Magazine

1979: may life magazine nuclear power Cover
Life Magazine

1979: May Playboy Magazine Marilyn Monroe Dan Rather Walter Carlos Interview Paul Theroux Michele DrakeInterview Wendy Carlos Williams, memoir The Private Life of Marilyn Monroe by Lena Pepitone & William Stadiem
Playboy Magazine

1979: May Playgirl Magazine with Cover Photo of Jon Voight & articles on Jack Nicholson & Eric Roberts & Billy Joel & Plato's Retreat & Centerfold of John Pelico Jr
Playgirl Magazine

1979: Mimosa yearbook of Jacksonville State University Alabama vol 39

1979: November 1 Jet Magazine with Cover Photo of Larry Holmes with Red Boxing Gloves & Inside Photo of Jet Beauty BernNadette Stanis
Jet Magazine

1979: November December Communication Arts Magazine CA-79 Annual
Communication Arts Magazine

1979: November GUITAR PLAYER MAGAZINE November 1979; Rick Nielsen Cover
Guitar Player Magazine

1979: November Horizon Magazine with Cover Photos of Tom Stoppard & stories on Duke Ellington & Cartier-Bresson & Thyssen
Horizon Magazine

1979: November Media People Fred Silverman jimmy Breslin Carmine Galante Ann Landers betty Crocker Makeover
Media People Magazine

1979: November Playboy magazine norman mailer masters & johnson shel Siverstein & Norman mailer on Gary Gilmore
Playboy Magazine

1979: November Playboy masters And Johnson Gary Gilmore Phyllis McCreary Cover Norman Mailer Shel Silverstein Sylvie Garant Centerfold
Playboy Magazine

1979: November playboy Masters & Johnson Gary Gilmore NOrman Mailer John Travolta
Playboy Magazine

1979: Number 20 Starlog Magazine Superman Christopher Reeve Cover Photo Plus Pam Dawber internview on Mork & Mindy & Robin Williams Plus Kirk Alyn the Original Superman & Buck Rogers 50th Annivesary & Nasa Ion Drive Spacecraft & jason of Star Command
Starlog Magazine

1979: October 22 U.S. News & World Report Cover story on Underground Economy
U.S. News & World Report

1979: October # 4 Buck rogers in the 25th Century Comic Book
Comic Book

1979: October Ebony ellen holly Cover Ku Klux Klan Kkk Dave Parker Lola Falana Mary lou Williams Muhammad Ali
Ebony Magazine

1979: October fantasy and science fiction shirley jackson Philip k. dick harlan ellison r. Matheson
Fantasy and Science fiction Magazine

1979: October guideposts Ed Asner color cover Peter Jenkins Article
Guideposts Magazine

1979: October GUITAR PLAYER MAGAZINE Chet Atkins Cover Waddy Wachtel Ray Parker Howie Collins
Guitar Player Magazine

Science Fiction Chronicle) [Jack Williamson, Chris Steinbrunner, et al] [reScience Fiction Chronicle) [re: Kelly Freas, Robert A. Heinlein, John Barry, Jack Chalker, et al]:
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1979: October Journal of Non-White Concerns Marginal black Students Minority women in the Job Market Queen D. Fowler
Journal of Non-White Concerns

1979: October Playboy Magazine Burt Reynolds cover & Coach Paul Bear Bryant & irwin Shaw & Centerfold Ursula Buchfellner
Playboy Magazine

1979: October Town & Country Magazine Town and Country Magazine Cover Photo of linda Fenn Saudi Arabia
Town & Country Magazine Town and Country Magazine

1979: PHOENIX, University of Alabama Birmingham
American Yearbook Co. 1979.

1979: Sepbember Saturday Review Magazine Moscow Olympics Cover Story
Saturday Review Magazine

1979: September # 3 Buck rogers in the 25th century Comic Book
Comic Book

1979: September 6 Down Beat Magazine with Cover Plhoto of Joni Mitchell stories on Count Basie & Randy Weston
Down Beat Magazine

1979: September GQ Gentlemen's Quarterly Magazine Cover Photo of Guido Fleuck
GQ Gentlemen's Quarterly Magazine

1979: September Guitar Player Magazine Mick Ralphs & Eric Gale & Tim Bogert & John Scofield & Pedal Steels
Guitar Player Magazine

1979: September October Communication Arts Magazine with Cover Illustration By Robert Peake
Communication Arts Magazine

1979: September October Playboy Magazine
Colonial Homes Magazine

1979: September Playboy Magazine Pete Rose Interview Irwin Shaw Shel Silverstein Nick Nolte
Playboy Magazine

1979: September Playboy Magazine pete rose shel silverstein irwin Shaw
Playboy Magazine

1979: September Playboy Magazine, Women of Ivy League cover Pete Rose & Irwin Shaw & Shel Silverstein & Centerfold Vicki McCarty
Playboy Magazine

1979: September soviet Life Magazine Pushkin 180th Birthday Ship Cover Photo
Soviet Life Magazine

1979: Spring Beltane Magazine college of william and Mary Volume 1 Number 1
Beltane Magazine

1979: Spring Pavan The Literary Magazine of Saint Peter's College
Pavan The Literary Magazine of Saint Peter's College

1979: Spring Thunder mountaint Review Volume 1 Number 1 Pablo Neruda Frank Fleming Andrew Glaze Michael Swindle
Thunder Mountain Review

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American Radio Relay League
The American Radio Relay League, Inc., U.S.A. 1978.
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At HomeAt Home: The Magazine of Sexual Fulfillment:

1979: Vol 1 #8 at Home Magazine
At HomeAt Home: The Magazine of Sexual Fulfillment:

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Weird Worlds Magazine

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1979: Yearbook Montage university of Montevallo Alabama


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1979 Article: "FUN in the SUN, Winter Sports At the Turn of the Century" Although He Lost His Ship in One of the Last Bloody Battles of the War of 1812, Captain Samuel Reid Returned Home from the Azores a Hero
Brown Brothers Photos
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