1937 book of rhyming jokes and comical songs
Bertha K Splittstoesser
[Published by the author. 1936.

1937 Bouquet Lentheric ""the daytime fragrance"" beautiful drawing of 3 perfume bottles"
Vintage Paper

1937 Bowling Green State University Yearbook - Bowling Green, Ohio
Bowling Green State University
Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio. 1937.

Pleasantville High School
Pleasantville, N. J. Pleasantville High School. 1937.


1937 Buick, beautiful artistic photo illustration"
Vintage Paper

1937 Buick Owner's Manual
Buick Motor Division, FLint, MI. 1936.

1937 Buyer's Guide
Farm Implement News, Chicago.

1937 By The Eternal:Theatres eminent playwrights by Max Eastman
Vintage Paper

THE 1937 CABLE. [The Cooper Union]
Kelemen, Frank K., editor in chief
[Brooklyn, New York] [The Comet Press Inc.] [1937]. 1937.

1937 Cadillac Automobile Advertisement, beautiful illustration, not photo"
Vintage Paper

1937 Calendar
Vancouver, B.C. 1937.

1937 Camel Cigarettes""For Digestions Sake Smoke Camels!"""
Vintage Paper

1937 Camel Cigarettes""Stars of the Circus"" illustrated with cartoon strip"
Vintage Paper

1937 Canada Dry Soda ""Its Gingervating"" Tennis player illustrated"
Vintage Paper

1937 CANCER, It's Proper Treatment and Cure

1937 Cardinal. Covina Union High School. Covina, California. Yearbook. Annual

1937 Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Year Book
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (C)
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Washington, D.C. 1937.

1937 Catalog S, of Scientific Instruments, Laboratory Apparatus, Chemicals and Supplies
W. M. Welch Manufacturing Co
Welch Manufacturing Co., Chicago, IL, U.S.A. 1937.

1937 Chase Brass & Copper Company, Chrome & Brass "
Vintage Paper

1937 Chesterfield Cigarettes ""Chesterfield Wins-they're milder ."""
Vintage Paper

1937 Chevrolet, beautiful colored, illustrated advertisement"
Vintage Paper

1937 Chiffon Powder Advertisement, Primrose House"
Vintage Paper

1937 Chrysler Imperial Sedan-Limousine Automobile Advertisement
Vintage Paper

Lakewood High School; Barry, Betty, Editor
Lakewood High School, Lakewood, OH. 1937.

1937 Circus-Greatest Show on Earth by Ruth Woodbury Sedgwick
Vintage Paper

The 1937 Clarksonian, Clarkson College Yearbook
Clarkson College of Technology, Potsdam, NY. 1937.

1937 Cobbs Creek Blended Whiskey ""it’s a battle of wits """
Vintage Paper

1937 Community Plate, The Georgian Design"
Vintage Paper

1937 Copa De Oro: South Pasadena high School - South Pasadena, California

1937 CORKS AND CURLS: Yearbook of the University of Virginia
Marshall, Thomas (editor-in-chief); Reese, Jr., George Hannah (Bus. Mgr.)
University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA. 1937.

No Author
David A. Smart Publication, Illinois. 1937.

1937 Cortex (Nautical Code) (YEARBOOK)
College of Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons
Associated Students of C.O.P.S. 1937.

1937 Crataegus University of Kansas City
University of Kansas City, Missouri. 1937.

1937 Cruise of the S.S.Reliance Around the World
Hamburg-American Line, North German Lloyd

1937 De Paulian, De Paul University Chicago Yearbook
DePaul University, Chicago
De Paul University.

1937 DeSoto - cartoon of Gary Cooper stepping out of new 1938 DeSoto
Vintage Paper

1937 DeSoto - cartoon with Lowell Thomas drawing
Vintage Paper

The 1937 Didascaleion: Cortland State Normal School, New York
Kraatz, Viola May and June Helen Ovenburg (editors)
Senior Class of Cortland State Normal School, NY. 1937.

1937 Dionne Quintuplets, many photos of the active quints"
Vintage Paper

1937 Dionne Quintuplets on cover of Life Magazine (some age spots)
Vintage Paper

1937 Directory
American Airmail Society
Albion, Pa: American Airmail Society, 1937, Albion, Pa. 1937.

1937 Dodge Car Operators Manual by Dodge

1937 ""Doodles"" reveals subconscious of some celebrated scribblers"
Vintage Paper

1937 Dorothy Gray Skin Care Advertisement, Jewels by Udall & Ballou"
Vintage Paper

1937 DOUGLAS DC-3 180 M.P.H

1937 Dy-Dee Dolls Gratify maternal instinct of modern youngsters
Vintage Paper

1937 Echo
Purdy, Beth, editor
State Techers College, Kirksville, Missouri. 1937.

The 1937 Edition of The Technala (Yearbook Montevallo, Alabama)
The Students of Alabama College
Students of Alabama College, 1937, Montevallo, Alabama. 1937.

1937 Elizabeth Arden Make-Up Advertisement ""New Royal Make-Up"""
Vintage Paper

1937 Enchangers Nightshade, ad for Atlantic Novel by Ann Bridge"
Vintage Paper

1937 Essay Annual
Erich A. Walter
Scott, Foreman and Co., New York. 1937.

1937 Essay Annual: A Yearly Collection of Significant Essays: Personal, Critical, Controversial, and Humorous
Walter, Erich A
Scott, Chicago. 1937.

1937 Essay Annual - A Yearly Collection of Significan Essays Personal, Critical, Controversial, and Humorous
Erich A. Walter
Scott, Foresman & Company. 1937.

1937 Essay Annual, A Yearly Collection of Significant Essays Personal, Critical, Controversial, and Humorous
Walter, Erich A
Scott, Foresman. 1937.

1937 Eve Curie writes biograhy of her mother, Marie Curie, Scientist"
Vintage Paper

1937 Faces of the MO: 16 Autos from 1937, Front End, Illustrated, Includes Graham, Desoto, Willys, Studebaker, Hupmobile, Hudson, Etc. Expressionist Style B/w Illustrations "Industrial Synthetics"
Fortune Magazine editors
Fortune Magazine. 1937.

1937 Fashion Illustration by M.R.S., two images on one page
Vintage Advertisement from Journal

1937 Fashion Photo "Box Coats - 1897-1937" Salon Moderne, Saks-Fifth Avenue
Vintage Advertisement from Journal

1937 First Edition WPA Guide: Tales of Pioneer Pittsburgh
William Penn Association, Philadelphia. 1937.

1937 Flood: Portsmouth, Ohio
Born, William
Scioto County Joint Vocational School.

1937 Fold-Out Canvas Travel Map Mexico (Durango)
Secretaria De Agricultura Y Fomento
Estados Unidos Mexicanos. 1937.

1937""Football & Roses or Theres many a slip"" by Jim Crowley"
Vintage Paper

1937 Ford Body Parts List Passenger Cars, Commercial and Truck
Ford Motor Company. 1938.

The 1937 Franciscan San Francisco State College Yearbook
Barry, Robert E. (Editor)
Associated Students of San Francisco State College, San Francisco. 1937.

1937 GenevieveGarvan Brady gives Inisfada,her Long Island home to church"
Vintage Paper

1937 George VI, Coronation Pictures Flown Across Atlantic"
Vintage Paper

1937 German Zeppelin Hindenburg makes last landing at Lakehurst
Vintage Paper

1937 ""Give Her A Hoover - She's Used to the Best"" Hoover Vacuums"
Vintage Paper

The 1937 Granite
Junior class of 1937
UNH, Durham, NH. 1937.

1937 Gripsholm; Kungsholm: Swedish American Line, Thos. Cook & Son"
Vintage Paper

The 1937 Guatemala Session
Dutton, Bertha
Santa Fe: SAR, 1938, Santa Fe. 1938.

1937 Hamburg-American Line - North German Lloyd ""Comprehensive ."""
Vintage Paper

1937 Hamburg-American Line - North German Lloyd ""Thoroughness"""
Vintage Paper

1937 Hamilton College Yearbook

1937 Heirloom Plate silverware ""for all your tomorrows"""
Vintage Paper

1937 Heisey Glassware: Swingtime, Coronation,Kohinoor Candelabra,bowl"
Vintage Paper

The 1937 Herald
Westport High School
Westport High School. 1937.

1937 Herald of Fashion, typical womens fashions of the 1930s"
Vintage Paper

1937 "Hollywood Draws Itself" with drawings by Shirley Temple, Fred Astaire, Joan Crawford, Greta Garbo, Katharine Hepburn
Vintage item from Journal

1937 Hotel Marguery ""accommodations of The Marguery are well known.."""
Vintage Paper

1937 Hotel Marguery ""Smart New Yorkers & Visitors to this city """
Vintage Paper

1937 Hunting & Fishing Tackle Catalogue
Hopkins Marine Hardware Co
Boston, Mass.: Hunting and Fishing and National Sportsman Magazine. 1937.

The 1937 Index : Senior Annual of Massachusetts State College [Yearbook]
Massachusetts State College (Amherst)
Amherst: The College, 1938, Amherst. 1938.

1937...in Europe: Aldor's Entertaining Travel Annual
Eugene Fodor, ed
Pub by Houghton Mifflin. 1937.

1937 ... In Europe: Aldor's Entertaining Travel Annual
Fodor, Eugene, Ed
1937: Houghton Mifflin Co. 1937.

1937 In Europe : Aldor's Entertaining Travel Annual : 27 Cosmopolitan Writers Guide You Through 27 European Countries [An Era, looked at Thru This Travel Annual, Pre WWII Praise of a Vacation in Beautiful Europe, Travelers biography]
Fodor, Eugene, Ed
Houghon Mifflin Company. 1937.

1937 in Europe Aldor's Entertaining Travel Annual
Eugene Fodor (ED)
Houghton Mifflin Co., England. 1937.

1937 In Europe Aldor's Entertaining Travel Annual
Fodor, Eugene ( edited by )
W Aldor. 1937.

1937 International Casino New York for the after-dark set
Vintage Paper

The 1937 International Exhibition of Paintings: October Fourteenth - December Fifth
Carnegie Institution, Pittsburgh. 1937.

Pittsburgh, Pa.: Carnegie Institute, 1937, Pittsburgh, Pa. 1937.

The 1937 International Exhibition of Paintings, Carnegie Institute, Pittsburgh (Octobr Fourteenth - December Fifth)
Carnegie Institute, Pittsburgh. 1937.

The 1937 International Exhibition of Paintings, October Fourteenth - December Fifth
Carnegie Institute
Carnegie Institute,, Pittsburgh. 1937.

1937 Italian Line ""3,000 Miles of Summer"""
Vintage Paper

1937 Italian Line ""Lido After Dark"""
Vintage Paper

1937 Italian Line ""The Inside Story of a Lido Crossing ."""
Vintage Paper

1937 Jaguar Ss-100 Front Engine Replicar Assembly Manual (Spiral-bound)
ISBN 0123510163

1937 Jambalaya: Tulane University of Louisiana New Orleans Annual
1937 Annual Yearbook Jambalaya Tulane University. 1937.

1937 Jamboree Logboek - Nederland
Boy Scouts of America

1937 Joseph P. Kennedy calls for new american merchant marine
Vintage Paper

1937 Junior Campus Volume 8; Yearbook of the Associated Students of Los Angeles Junior College
Mallett, Thaine (editor)
Los Angeles Junior College. 1937.

1937 Kelvinator store fixtures, a view into a time and a fashion"
Vintage Paper

1937 Kimtah West Seattle Highschool
Longmire, Pat, editor

The 1937 Knight
New Jersey:. 1937.

1937 LaSalle Automobile for 1938, Art Deco illustration, great background"
Vintage Paper

1937 LaSalle Automobile for 1938, beautifully illustrated"
Vintage Paper

The 1937 Liber Brunensis (The Year Book Of Brown University)
Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island. 1937.

1937 Little Gem Life Chart
National Underwriter Company. 1937.

1937 London Oracle of My Lady Beautiful, Madame Helena Rubinstein
Humphrey, Mrs. C. E

The 1937 Lucky Bag U.S. Naval Academy Yearbook
United States Naval Academy
Annapolis. U.S. Naval Academy. 1937.

1937 Lucky Strike Cigarettes ""Feeling Fine"" with skiers on mountain"
Vintage Paper

1937 M : Volume 24 Mechanic Arts Hs
Unknown. 1937.

1937 Macfadden-Deauville Hotel: Health & Pleasure Resort
Vintage Paper

Heilmann, Harry & Elson, Bob (editors)
Whitman. 1937.

1937""Making-Over of Princess Juliana"" by Radziwill Netherlands"
Vintage Paper

The 1937 Malvahi Martinsville High School Yearbook
Martinsville, Virginia. 1937.

1937 Martin's Tale- Martensdale High School Yearbook Martensdale Iowa
Martensdale High School
Martensdale High School, Martensdale, IA. 1937.

1937 Master Parts List Manual by Plymouth

1937 Maude Gonne McBride immortalized by Yeats, poets"
Vintage Paper

The 1937 Mayflower, Lincoln High School, Plymouth, Indiana
Haddock, Harriet (Ed.)
Lincoln High School, Plymouth, IN. 1937.

1937 Mayham Family Reunion: Mayham Family Directory with Names, Addresses and Familiy Lines to Present Members of the Family
Raymond, Eva Grace Mayham Goodenough
Lexington?, MA: Quintin Publications, 1937, Lexington?, MA. 1937.

1937 Mens Fashions, Stetson Hats, beautiful old-fashioned illustration"
Vintage Paper

1937 Model Aeronautics Year Book
Zaic, Frank
Model Aeronautics Publications, New York. 1937.

1937 Model Aeronautic Year Book
Zaic, Frank
Model Aeronautic Publications, New york NY U.S.A.


1937 Modern Kitchen with modern conveniences for 1937
Vintage Paper

1937""More about peace from Pope Pius"" by Edward Price Bell"
Vintage Paper